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Fully customizeable log comparator service, automating testing of the Regulatory, Drop Copy and Market Data feeds.

Adaptive Testing for Market Feeds

Adaptive testing uses trade information (i.e. Drop-Copy, Execution Reports, etc.) from within the trading system, sourced from the system logs, to create a dynamic reference stream to verify the messages on the feed under test.
What differentiates adaptive testing from other approaches is the dynamic nature of the reference data, used to compare both feed message sequence and content.

Single Market Feed test setup covers all trade flow scenarios.

This test technique automatically adapts to different trade message input stimulus without the test engineer having to change the feed test setup. A single adaptive test setup adjusts to any front-end test scenario presented to the trading system and automatically verifies that the back-end feed output is correct.
Adaptive testing can be used to support verification of data feeds in both development and production environments – guarding against message drop-outs, malformed messages and inconsistent data.

Feed quality

  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of the regulatory, drop copy and market data feeds
  • Monitor and test contents of the feed against the reference
  • Ability to augment reference feed from various sources
  • Make sure no message is dropped and order is preserved
  • Ensure consistent feed latency​

Evaluate vendors

  • Compare both feeds against trusted reference
  • Compare feeds against each other
  • Measure latency between the feeds

Case Studies/White Papers

System Requirements

Operating System

 Supporting Java SE 1.8 or higher on:

  • Windows O.S. (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Linux O.S. (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Solaris. (64-bit)
  • Mac O.S. X (64-bit)