Java FIX Engine

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Faster, simpler development of Java based trading applications.

Java FIX engine can be deployed either as a embedded engine, with calls to a native Java API or as a remote engine, with calls to the FIX engine forwarded via the standard Java Remote Method Invocation (“RMI”) interface.

A stand-alone FIX engine server (executable) is  provided with this package for Remote FIX engine deployment scenarios.


  • Provides session state storage (persistence),
  • Logs event & messages using plug-ins (File, JDBC, SFL4J, etc),
  • Automatic session state recovery for High Availability deployments.
  • Allows for independent scheduling of session connections,
  • Integrated SSL session communication framework.
  • Autonomous message transport using standard TCP or UDP sockets
  • Compact Java API for fast application development.
  • Support for “Embedded” and “Remote” FIX engines.
  • Provides FIX protocol standard, type-safe, message Java classes.
  • Supports standard and custom FIX protocol standards.
  • Supports native trading protocols(i.e. ITCH/OUCH etc.)
  • Provides in-line message validation, using FIX data dictionaries.


Operating Systems

Supporting Java SE 1.8 or higher on:

  • Windows O.S. (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Linux O.S. (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Solaris. (64-bit)
  • Mac O.S. X (64-bit)