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FIX Testbench Platform

Our FIX Testbench utility has been designed to provide a flexible platform for automated testing and profiling of today's FIX protocol based trading applications.

FIX Tesetbench automates the testing process, making it easier than ever to create, review and manage complex Test Case definitions.

Simply provide a FIX message log as an input and FIX Testbench will replay the defined message flow and capture responses for the System Under Test.

Automatically, verify test results, expected vs. actual results and measure transaction performance (latency) of all messages types.

  • Operating Systems:

    Supporting Java SE 1.7 or higher on,

    • Windows O.S. (32-bit & 64-bit)
    • Linux O.S. (32-bit & 64-bit)
    • Solaris. (64-bit)
    • Mac O.S. X (64-bit)

Key Features

Quick, easy, flexible, Test Case development.
  • Create Unit, Performance and Stress tests.
  • Import FIX Message logs to create test flows.
  • Validate test responses using FIX data dictionaries.
  • Standard and custom FIX protocols supported.
  • Execute Test Cases using command line scripting.
  • Easy integration with third-party test environments.
Easily perform large-scale load stress testing.
  • Configure 1,000 plus sessions per FIX Testbench instance.
  • Link FIX Testbench instances to form a server farm.
  • Replaying entire trading day message log files.
  • Apply different replay message rates on a per session basis.
Collect and analyse test results.
  • Capture performance metrics for all message types.
  • Export results (in CSV format) to third party packages.
  • Store test results directly to SQL database tables.
  • View results and create reports using built-in data viewer.

Subscription Licensing

Our subscription licensing provides the most competitive and cost-effective offerings in the industry.
    •   1 FIX Session
    •   Single Instance install.
    •   Message log collection.
    •   Performance Metrics collection.
    •   16 FIX Sessions
    •   Single Instance install.
    •   Message log collection.
    •   Performance Metrics collection.
    •   Up to 1024 FIX Session
    •   Multiple Instance install.
    •   Message log collection.
    •   Performance Metrics collection.
    •   Logging to SQL Database.

* We also offer volume discounts and custom licensing options.

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